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Moor Mother

The viscerally charged output of Philadelphia resident Camae Ayewa, Moor Mother is an incredibly gifted and honest noise artist and poet who continues the legacy of African-American female musicians by giving voice to the unheard: expressing their sorrow, pain and anger. Moor Mother’s highly-acclaimed album, ‘Fetish Bones’, is intended as both a sonic protest and form of time travel, her vocals hurtling deep into the stories of past black communities to abrasively confront the destitute present and future. Equally channelling her punk background and the spirit of Sun Ra, Moor Mother simultaneously wields harsh, cathartic noise and freely improvised textures of cosmic jazz.

Prior to her musical performance, Moor Mother will join AGF & Kubra Khademi for New Emergences #7: Poetry, Presence and Empowerment on Saturday, 1 April.