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Mira Calix

origins - movement is freedom

WARP Records mainstay Mira Calix recently released her new album absent origin, a wild collage of dense sonic textures, shifting rhythms and experimental music styles that cuts through sound art, club music and opera. Combining dance, performance and Calix’ signature blend of avant-garde-adjacent electronic music, Mira Calix transforms her newest album into a captivating and urgent performance called origins - movement is freedom that utilises the venue at Rewire as a political stage. Joined by mezzo soprano Rosie Middleton and dancer Ella Robson Guilfoyle, the performance becomes a captivating show that situates the audience at the centre of Calix’ mise-en-scène.

Mira Calix (1970-2022)
Mira Calix passed away on 25 March. The South-African born and British-based artist was due to perform at Rewire 2022 on Saturday 9th April. Read more here.