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Midori Takada: Japan on Film

Rewire x Korzo #21

Friday 29 September 2023 at Korzo

Midori Takada’s output over the past 40 years weaves through solo, group and theatrical and practice. Verdant utopias, meditative caves and abundant life – her music invokes entire ecosystems, connecting mind and soul to tree and soil. Takada’s 1981 album Through the Looking Glass is considered an essential recording of minimalist music. Now 70 years of age, and with a number of new recordings released recently, Takada is a maestro whose command of musical and theatrical technique enable her performances to go beyond the musical to transcend through rhythm.

During Rewire x Korzo #21 on Friday 29 September, celebrated Japanese percussionist and composer Midori Takada will present a special new performance, scoring a selection of early surviving Japanese films from the British Film Institute National Archive which have recently been restored for BFI’s Japan On Film collection. Dating back to 1901, the vibrancy of the Meiji era is revealed in these rare films – a fascinating journey through Japan covering a variety of subjects: people, cultural events, customs, everyday life and places – with Takada conjuring up evocative musical accompaniment using a palette of marimba, ceremonial gong, snare and spoken word.

Presented in collaboration with the BFI