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MAZE Ensemble & Annea Lockwood

The moving, curious, and ever-innovative work of Annea Lockwood – whom Rewire dedicates a focus programme around in 2024 – has spanned over 50 years of concert music, field recordings, performance art, and multimedia installations. Born in New Zealand in 1939, Lockwood has had a lifelong fascination with the ways in which someone’s environment affects the sounds around them and vice versa. “I feel that sounds are autonomous – they have a sort of life span,” she says in an interview with The Quietus. “That's at the bottom of a lot of my work.” Her music lives and listens to life.

MAZE Ensemble are an Amsterdam-based collective of electroacoustic musicians made up of Dario Calderone on double bass, Wiek Hijmans on electric guitar, Yannis Kyriakides on electronics, Gareth Davis on bass clarinet, Reinier van Houdt on piano, and Anne La Berge on flute and electronics. They specialise in interpreting the relationship between performer and music, often working alongside composers, interpreting and expanding upon their music in exciting, creative, and unforeseen ways by developing open scores and hybrid notations.

*This is a seated concert

Fri 5 Apr
Lutherse Kerk