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Maya Shenfeld & Pedro Maia

Under The Sun

Maya Shenfeld is a composer, artist, and musician working across experimental, classical, and popular music. Following on from In Free Fall (2022), Shenfeld’s new album Under the Sun (2024), also on label Thrill Jockey, brims with voluminous sound. Its orchestral and synthy anthems foretell grim omens and hopeful possibilities in tandem, offering a cinematic sound world of eerie slowness and textural richness. To simply call the music of Shenfeld “cinematic” wouldn’t begin to describe the multifaceted sounds generated and explored in her work. Some of her compositions are as jagged as a Giallo murder-weapon, while others are soothing, blissful voyages into unfolding skyscapes of sci-fi optimism. Coloured by microtonal choral textures and reverberating sustain, the blending, eloquent, and spectral sounds of Shenfeld summon at one moment the foreboding fumes of industry and the next the effervescent calm of a moonlit night. Harnessing the intense visuality of her compositions, Shenfeld is joined at Rewire by artist Pedro Maia – they present a live A/V show together which explores the ideas of change and repetition through the lens of deep time. Working with Super-8 film and drone footage, Maia’s visuals blend the contemporary with the classical, echoing the graceful, adept, and subtle aural histories inherent in Shenfeld’s compositions.