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Mathijs Leeuwis

Pedal steel guitarist, composer and “explorer of sound” Mathijs Leeuwis transforms his analogue instruments in complex and evocative tape-loop based compositions. Constantly looking for new sounds, methods of composition and ways of creating music, Leeuwis often deconstructs his work to rebuild it under new configurations. The results are often lush musical pieces that bring a tinge of Americana into thick layers of ambient.

During Rewire 2022, Leeuwis will bring new renditions of his solo compositions to the stage with Dutch guitarist Marzio Scholten, Mathijn den Duijf on electronics, Reggy van Bakel on percussion/electronics and vocalist Theo Decloedt. Collaborating with visual artist Janine Hendriks, this unique collaboration will traverse the prolific sonic landscapes of the bright composer and performer.

Please note: this show has been rescheduled from Friday 8 to Saturday 9 April.