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Lucy Gooch

Musicians often look for the cinematic qualities of music, and Bristol-based artist and vocalist Lucy Gooch reinforces that connection with her deeply atmospheric EP Rain’s Break (2021). She drew inspiration from the brilliant technicolour films by British auteurs Powell and Pressburger, who managed to transform the austerity of post-war Britain into elegiac fairytales filled with yearning. Invoking and honouring these masters of film, Gooch paints her own sonic world filled with vivid colours and radiant soundscapes. 

Ecclesiastical and intimate, Gooch’s music conveys an emotional and spiritual journey that is filled with stories to become immersed in. Her looping vocals and evolving ambient electronics draw you in and invite you to listen more closely. Behind this reverberated veil reside worlds of gentle ambient dream pop – sensual, dramatic, melancholy, and beautiful. 

Co-presented by Carhartt WIP

Fri 7 Apr