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Leo Svirsky & The River Without Banks

Leo Svirsky is a Russian-American pianist and composer currently based in the Hague, Netherlands. Grounded in history, symbolism, song and story, Svirsky’s music upholds a poetic, romantic quality. During Rewire 2022, Svirsky will present the full live version of his expansive project ‘Leo Svirsky & The River Without Banks’. Created through an extensive collaborative process with Reinier van Houdt (piano), Germaine Sijstermans (Clarinet), James Hewitt (baroque violin), Marielle Groven (violin), Mark Morse, Jeroen Kimman (steel guitars), Aaron Lumley (Bass), and Seamus Cater (bass concertina), ‘The River Without Banks’ immerses the listener in never ending reverberation, unbinding place and time and blurring the perception of past and present.