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Laurie Anderson

performs All the Things I Lost in the Flood

Sunday, 8 April

As the Rewire 2018 Artist in Focus, Laurie Anderson presents an extensive programme, including her new live performance, All the Things I Lost in the Flood. A true pioneer in the realms of electronic music and performance art, Laurie Anderson has been using technology to transform the way we tell stories since the 1970s and continues to be one of the most daring creative voices around today. The latest instalment in Anderson’s continuing work The Language of the Future, All the Things I Lost in the Flood employs spoken word, video, live music and electronics to explore the power and perils of language and storytelling. Corresponding to her newly-released and eponymous book, the performance dissects the relationship between words and images, and provokes questions about beauty, time, reality and memory.

At Rewire 2018, Laurie will also be joining The Wire for an artist talk, screening Heart of a Dog and presenting a performance of ‘Sol’ by Ragazze Quartet.