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Lamin Fofana

Shafts of Sunlight

New York-based artist and musician Lamin Fofana explores questions of movement, migration, alienation and belonging in his prolific artistic practices that range from experimental albums and deejay-sets to installation work. Often working in trilogies and triptychs, the art of Lamin Fofana is of a dense and intertextual nature, in which original music compositions, field recordings and archival material manifests themselves as a multisensory experience. For Rewire 2022, Lamin Fofana presents Shafts of Sunlight, an open-ended improvisatory performance-installation with fragments and debris from stretched out studio sessions. It is a disruption of the linearity of historical time, what historian Robin D. G. Kelley alluded to as “blues time - it is simultaneously in the moment, the past, the future, and the timeless space of the imagination.”

Lamin Fofana performs on Sunday 10 April.