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The Music of Stranger Things

performed by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

Friday, 6 April

Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein are one half of Austin synth outfit S U R V I V E and entirely responsible for the dreamy, throwback score of Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things. Inspired by the likes of John Carpenter, Vangelis and Tangerine Dream, the two composers travelled back in musical time with a toolbox of vintage synths to craft one of the most iconic soundtracks. A masterclass in tension and synth soundscapes, their Stranger Things score sets the tone for the show’s world of VHS-era science fiction and cult classic horror flicks. Accompanied by the mesmerizing visual effects of MFO’s Marcel Weber, Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein present the Dutch premiere of The Music of Stranger Things at The Hague’s iconic De Electriciteitsfabriek, ushering you from their pulsating theme song right through to the spine-chilling electronics of the Upside Down.