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Kexin Hao

Future Dance of Nostalgia

Proximity Music

Kexin Hao is a young artist originally from Beijing and based in The Netherlands where she graduated in 2021 from the Royal Art Academy of The Hague. Her graduation work Total Body Workout, investigates through joyful group exercise the authoritarian image of the healthy body. For Sensing After Thought she has been commissioned a new work, FutureDance of Nostalgia, combining ethnographic research, rhythmic choreography and gaming. Taking the form of classic dancing videogames such as Just Dance, the workinvites visitors to perform a choreography based on gestures related to pre-industrial, heavy physical labour. Historical archives of work songs provide the inspiration for the music by Rachwill Breidel, who renders the old tales and melodies into clubbing beats that lead the dance. Visitors can experience the work by playing the videogame as well as by joining group dance sessions taking place daily in the foyer of Amare. FutureDance of Nostalgia is created in collaboration with Leonardo Scarin (game design), Ludmila Rodrigues (choreography).

Proximity Music takes place from 8 - 10 April. Find out more here.