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Jonás Bisquert: Gamelan context programme & interview with Dewa Alit


Composer Jonás Bisquert will present a panoramic overview of the history of gamelan music, his own encounters with it and its current place in contemporary music worldwide. Next to his presentation Bisquert will interview gamelan composer Dewa Alit.

Contemporary Balinese composer Dewa Alit is a key figure in contemporary Indonesian music. He is the founder of Gamelan Salukat, a 25 member ensemble that performs on instruments specially built to Alit’s designs, using a unique 10-note scale. Their contemporary take on traditional Balinese Gamelan music has been presented extensively throughout Asia, Europe and North America. Alit has also collaborated with renowned ensembles such as Bang On A Can and Ensemble Modern. Alit presents Gamelan not as something static and from the past, but as a set of concepts and principles that can be used to create something radically new.