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Jesus Canuto Iglesias

The Contemplation Bench

Proximity Music

Jesus Canuto Iglesias is an artist originally from Spain and based in The Hague, where he graduated from the ArtScience Interfaculty in 2019. He creates sound sculptures and installations that combine industrial and machine aesthetics with digital media. His work is experienced by the audience as spatial and tactile compositions. For Proximity Music: Sensing After Thought he has been commissioned a new work titled The Contemplation Bench. The work takes the form of a large circular bench made of polished steel, accommodating up to 12 people at once. Industrial vibration motors are placed under the benches. The motors are computer controlled to convey music through tactile vibrations. Visitors are  invited to sit on the benches and feel the composition. Under the disguise of a cold, minimal and industrial exemplar of design furniture, the work addresses touch and intimacy within the public setting of Amare.

Proximity Music takes place from 8 - 10 April. Find out more here.