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Jessika Khazrik

presents Pharmakopoeia قرابادين

World premiere

Scavenging sounds from online and on-site detritus, trans-millennial compendia of healing, and militarised ads and technologies, Jessika Khazrik’s sonic scapes intimately investigate the ecological and techno-political premises of the economies we inhabit or forget. Often born out of vocoded collaborations with multi-modal neural networks skewed with incomputable Arabic rhythms, Khazrik festively uses spaces of congregation to search for locally entrenched universalisms that could collectively respond to the dystopias of our times. Khazrik’s interdisciplinary practice as artist, writer, technologist, producer and DJ ranges from composition to machine learning, performance, visual art, ecotoxicology and history of science and music.

قرابادين/Pharmakopoeia is a series of hypervideo anti-ads that ecstatically probes the common origins and futures of remedies and media. Located in the metaxy, in between acts of the festival’s programmes, قرابادين/Pharmakopoeia seeks to collectivize and subvert the hollow time of waiting that we all experience during our eternal and post-coronial search for healing. The scores, visuals, text, and micro-site of قرابادين/Pharmakopoeia are written, collected and produced by Khazrik.