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Jerusalem In My Heart

As Jerusalem In My Heart, Lebanese-Canadian producer/musician Radwan Ghazi Moumneh and filmmaker Erin Weisgerber have been at the forefront of contemporary experimental music, shaping intricate and urgent audiovisual worlds. Jerusalem In My Heart is guided by Moumneh’s melding of ‘traditional’ melismatic singing (in Arabic) and buzuk playing with modern deployments of modular synthesis, sound design and field recordings. Their agitated, yet unwavering work warps traditional Middle Eastern music and culture through a prism of restless avant-garde modernism, reflecting on destabilizing effects of globalism on the Arab world. During Rewire, Jerusalem In My Heart will translate their urgent material to a site-specific performance that combines their dystopian, brooding music with acute, analogue visuals projected by 16mm film projectors.

Jerusalem In My Heart perform on Sunday 10 April.