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Jameszoo’s Blind Group

In an ongoing quest to bypass preconceived notions of music and to circumvent creative blind spots, Jameszoo (Mitchel van Dinther) embarked on a sonic journey for one of his most rambunctious albums to date. Blind — to be released on Brainfeeder in March — is a gleefully quick-witted tour de force through Jameszoo’s musical brain. For his playful and unpredictable compositional work, Jameszoo contracted trusted collaborators like long-term writing partner and keyboard whizz Niels Broos, Swedish bassist Petter Eldh and drummers Richard Spaven and Julian Sartorius, alongside a bunch of motorised instruments like the Disklavier that generate unhuman, yet acoustic arpeggio’s that elope over the tantalising music. During Rewire 2022, Jameszoo will present the World premiere of a live performance based on his new album with an ensemble consisting of Mitchel (electronics), Niels Broos (keys), Richard Spaven (drums) and Frans Petter Eldh (bass) and a Disklavier.

Jameszoo’s Blind Group perform on Friday 8 April.