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In conversation with Jana Rush & Caroline Claus


Caroline Claus is a Brussels-based urban (sound) researcher and spatial planner. Her work deals with planning and design processes defining the sonic environments of transformative urban infrastructure space. She focuses on the specific lived sonic experiences of contemporary urban violence and the micro-innovations of Brussels inner-city youth's music. 

Caroline has contributed to the planning and design of transitory urban railway spaces. She has long term experience in supporting organizations in the social sphere in their organization of outreach-based community involvement in Brussels urban development processes. Caroline studied sociology (Ugent) and urbanism and spatial planning (Erasmus University Brussels and VUB) and is currently completing a PhD at the KU Leuven Department of Architecture, Brussels. 

Chicago born and raised, it’s safe to say that Jana Rush is deeply familiar with the inner-mechanics of footwork, the exciting house mutations that have shaped the sonic identity of the windy city. Her 2017 album Pariah was a masterclass in the dynamic tension between frantic subbass and spacious headroom; a footwork masterpiece that brought the genre to new heights. With Jana’s most recent album, the 2021 Planet Mu release Painful Enlightenment, her craft is becoming even more distinct.

Together they will join each other in conversation to explore themes of gender representation and architecture that are enveloped within footwork as a musical style and culture.