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Igor C Silva & Trash Panda Collective

Igor C Silva is a Porto-born, but Amsterdam-based composer devoted to electronics and new media music. A recent graduate of the Amsterdam Conservatory, he composes expansive multimedia works in which performers, computers, psychedelia, noise and improvisation come together to create breathtaking sensory experiences. Regularly working with soloists and (jazz) bands, Igor C Silva also founded the Trash Panda Collective, a twelve piece ensemble dedicated to acts of subversion. At Rewire 2017, Igor C Silva and a condensed four piece delegation of the Trash Panda Collective, featuring a flute, saxophone, electric bass and percussion, perform two of Igor C Silva’s unique works, ‘Smart Alienation’ and ‘Your Trash’.

This concert is made possible through a co-production between Gaudeamus Muziekweek and Rewire.