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As Grouper, the Oregon based musician Liz Harris creates intimate songs that are often covered under a hazy blanket of fuzzy static and crackling reverb. Through this opaque sound design her emotionally piercing melodies and dreamlike vocals still shimmer like bright stars on a cloudy night. Grouper’s 2008 breakthrough album Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill established her as one of the leading musicians of psychedelic dream pop. With the two-part album A I A: Dream Loss and A I A: Alien Observer she doubled down on her ambient esthetic.

With her twelfth and most recent album Shade, Grouper’s music seems to be at its most boiled down and intimate: a finely distilled journey through stripped-down studio sessions where you can hear the floor creak and fingers slide over guitar frets. During Rewire, Grouper will perform a hauntingly beautiful sonic tapestry of heart-wrenching ambient folk.

Grouper performs on Sunday 10 April.