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Gemma Luz Bosch & Jurriaan de Vos


Proximity Music

Aircilla is a large-scale kinetic sound sculpture, a mechanical clockwork generating three dimensional animated geometries of movement and sound. More than 250 handmade ceramic chimes hang above visitors appearing like a giant chandelier. The chimes are raised and lowered through a system of ropes, clamps, pulleys and wheels. The raising and lowering of the chimes causes them to collide, creating a soundscape that evolves hand in hand with the shape of the physical structure. Aircilla is a collaboration between Gemma Luz Bosch and Jurriaan de Vos. Gemma is a composer and new instrument maker working with ceramics. In her work she uses her own hand made instruments exploring the boundaries of music. Jurriaan is an installation-artist with a background in physical theatre. He is fascinated by kinetic art, transforming spaces, and the relationship between nature and technology. Aircilla is presented in the foyer of Amare, where visitors can experience it for a month, also during the weeks following Rewire festival.

Proximity Music takes place from 8 - 10 April. Find out more here.