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Gazelle Twin (cancelled)

presents Pastoral

Friday, 29 March
Paard I

The invention of British performance artist, composer,and producer Elizabeth Bernholz, Gazelle Twin explores deeply dystopian themes through a patchwork of restless, industrial pop and electronics, and unconventional live performances. Now clad in red and white and riding hobby horse, Gazelle Twin’s latest incarnation is a terrifying 21st-century court jester who serves as a deranged, absurd reflection of our deranged and absurd times. Set against a verdant backdrop of hedgerows and steeples, her new albumPastoral offers a deconstruction of English identity and the murky relationship between past and present to a frenetic soundtrack of antiquated instruments, ritualistic choral infusions, and shades of rural 90s rave and house. First taking the stage as a duo, Gazelle Twin will be joined by the NYX drone choir for a stirring finale.