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Free Fall Improvisers Orchestra

Friday, 29 March
The Grey Space

The Free Fall Improvisers Orchestra is a vibrating, multilayered, electro-acoustic orchestra of 15 musicians, composers and performers from all over Europe representing the international creative scene and wave of new music in The Hague. Composition and improvisation are interwoven in a repertoire that combines free improvisation, indeterminacy, chance music and free jazz with elusive and outspoken methods, concepts and works of orchestra composers and renown masters like Anthony Braxton, Lawrence Butch Morris, Barry Guy and George E. Lewis. Free Fall is one of the latest concepts of and based in Studio Loos, a The Hague-based environment for research and the latest developments in interdisciplinary arts.


Voices: Aurélie Nyirabikali Lierman, Cristiana Vignatelli Bruni
Strings: Lauge Dideriksen, Annick Odom, Vadimir Vlaev
Woodwinds: Laura Agnusdei, Ábel Fazekas, Riccardo Marogna, Irene Ruipérez Canales, Peter Van Bergen
Brass: Elisabeth Lusche
Electronics: Johan Van Kreij, Görkem Arikan
Drums: Tony Guarino, Marco Luparia