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Frederique Pisuisse

I’m Just Lying There

Proximity Music: Visceral Acts

I’m Just Lying There is a ficto-memoir about Frederique Pisuisse’s teenage relationship with her first boyfriend who was a 36 year old man. Through poems and pop songs, the film brings back memories of their grown-up dates: having dinner at a restaurant for the first time without parents, and being picked up from her birthday in his Mercedes. The coming-of-age film looks at the shaping experiences in which the female body is subjected to the male gaze and becomes an object of desire for the first time. The protagonist, who is 14 years old at the time of their affair, is pulled towards the sensual experiences of being with this man, and simultaneously feels the danger in them. Through film, writing, music, and performance, Pisuisse explores the topics of memory and trauma and out-of-body experiences. Frederique's poems, films, and music are dissociative episodes in themselves, exploring the creative potential of this dissociation by giving voice to the experience of the otherness of bodies, and how to live with this. 

Pisuisse produces music and DJs under the name snailaway playing high-nrg dance music. Landing from a fascination for syncopated drum patterns and ecstatic hypnotism, snailaway is dedicated to bringing sweat and joy to the dance floor. Her psychedelic crossovers are a contagious form of effervescent editing through storytelling and somatic trance. 

After Rewire, I’m Just Lying There will remain in Amare until April 23rd.

Location: Amare Garderobe.

Friday - Saturday: 12:00 - 20:00

Sunday: 12:00 - 20:30

Proximity Music: Visceral Acts takes place from 7-9 April. Find out more here.