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With Marcel Cobussen, Caroline Claus, Exoterrism & Caeso


NOISE is a present and prevalent topic in healthcare and medicine, city and urban planning, architecture, and media; among scholars as well artists, composers and musicians. Each of which has their own understanding, theory, methodology and aim. Using a concrete definition would suggest having a shared understanding of NOISE, instead Rewire 2022 will return to a broader spectrum of NOISE to begin a necessary and constant process of rethinking and revisiting, to explore what NOISE does and how it works. FORUM FOR NOISE is a talk with urban researcher Caroline Claus, Marcel Cobussen and artist performances from Exoterrism and Caeso that seek a definition and communal experience of ‘noise’.


Yau Fan (aka Exoterrism) is an audio engineer, noise musician, field recordist, amateur naturalist (ornithologist, botanist, entomologist), and ecological designer. His primary focus is in on landscape restoration, preservation and he is working as a permaculture designer, agriculture and soil consultant. Yau (born in 1987) has been in touch with music in his early age in Hong Kong, studying classical piano and free jazz from childhood to his adolescence. Dealing with the conservative approach of music, western music became for him only a colonial tool for the British to control the Cantonese population. He is currently developing different ecosystem monitoring and mapping systems for wild life conservation via field recordings and other surveillance tools. He will be performing in collaboration with Radio.Earth and Peter Cusack, a participatory radio art project run by Udo Noll, concerning the ecological crisis,
its effects on our environment and on the possibilities for action.


Composer, guitarist, computer musician, sound-multimedia-and-etc-artist, has a diverse creative output, exploring mediums such as acousmatic, live electronics, free improvisation and also traditional written composition, besides building sound sculptures, visual artworks and other gadgets. As a researcher on music and sound art, his current interests are the poetics of negativity and creative uses of DIY practices.