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(Bex Burch, Danalogue, Sarathy Korwar, Al MacSween, Tamar Osborn)

Bex Burch is a composer, percussionist, producer, and instrument maker. Employing the gyil (Ghanaian xylophone) in new and unexpected ways outside of its traditional setting, she has carved out a unique sonic space for herself in which she embraces new musical challenges across a range of percussive instruments. Flock, her latest collaborative project, is perhaps the percussionist’s most ambitious work to date. It features intuitive rhythmic interplay between her and Sarathy Korwar, Al MacSween (Maisha), Dan “Danalogue” Leavers (The Comet Is Coming) and Tamar Osborn (Collocutor). The music is a perfect encapsulation of an ever-shifting sound that Bex Burch refers to as ‘messy minimalism’. The exciting, avant-jazzy collaboration is a powerful example of how improvisation can be utilised as a tool for composition.

Flock perform on Saturday 9 April.