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Fiske / Lau / Manousakis / Pan

present An Absurdist Archive of Isolation: a full body workout radioplay

This work is an immersive participatory radio play for solo audiences at home, made in collaboration by movement artists Bridget Fiske (UK/AU) and Joseph Lau (UK/AU) and sound artists Stelios Manousakis (NL/GR) and Stephanie Pan (NL/US).

It unfolds and transforms your environment through music, your movement and text.

This genre-blurring 26-minute trip offers a deep dive into our relationship with time and the freedom of isolation.

The narrator guides you through a sensory choreographic journey, plunging into contemporary storytelling and podcast wormholes while soaring past an eclectic mix of dramatic song, techno, musique concrète, raggacore, field recordings, indie pop and ambient music.

There will be time to move with fury, fall into the softness of cushions and collapse into the folds of time. It is all as you choose.

  • This work is preferably experienced through headphones, but speakers are also possible. Please ensure you are free to move safely e.g. put your phone securely in a pocket or use wireless headphones.  
  • This work is recommended for general audiences, with audiences below 12 years under adult supervision.
  • This work encourages physical participation and interaction with your environment. Ensure any choices you make about use of space, architecture and objects are safe. Please modify and adjust your movement to support your needs and capacity to the level your body is ready for. Always follow medical advice on participation in physical activity. By engaging with and participating in this work you take full responsibility for your personal health and all aspects of the environment you are in at all times.