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Evian Christ

Live A/V

Under the moniker of Evian Christ, Joshua Leary managed to distil various innovations of 2010s club music into one forceful musical project. Taking cues from southern trap, euro trance, stadium-sized EDM and the emerging stylistic traits of deconstructed club, Evian Christ blew up undercurrents in electronic music to a widescreen, 4K blockbuster experience. His early self-released tracks garnered him a production credit on Ye’s seminal rap album Yeezus and roused dancefloors worldwide thanks to his frantic, strobe-laden deejay-sets. Having taken time out to focus on his fledgling Trance Party clubnight, the seminal producer is finally back with new music of his own. In advance of the release of his highly anticipated debut LP on WARP Records, Evian Christ presents a first listen to his much-awaited new material,accompanied by a spectacular liveshow designed and operated by frequent artistic collaborator Emmanuel Biard.

Evian Christ performs on Saturday 9 April.