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featuring LEYA & guests

Eartheater’s soundworld is one of opposites. Gliding between the serene and the turbulent, contemporary club sounds and pastoral folk music, digital punctuations and classical composition, multi-instrumentalist, composer and vocalist Alexandra Drewchin has forged a striking signature over four albums. Flexing a three-octave vocal range, provocative lyrics and curious wordplay, Drewchin’s songs are multilayered and rich in meaning, imbued in a cheeky spirituality that defines the Eartheater project. 2020's 'Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin' released on tastemaking label PAN, further expanded the scope of her vision as Eartheater, in which she balances the unabashed prettiness of acoustic harmonic songs with the dissonant gestural embroidery of oblique instrumentals. Together with renowned ambient duo LEYA, Eartheater performs a new live show based around the album at Rewire 2022.

Eartheater performs on Saturday 9 April.