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Dominik 't Jolle & Maria Komarova

Tinnere. Behind the Tune

Proximity Music: Visceral Acts

Dominik ‘t Jolle has been suffering from ringing in her ears and sound hallucinations for much of her life. Already as a child she observed vibrations and flashes of light with realistic resonances in the room where she was. She woke up one morning with a deafening, high sine tone that never stopped. Tinnere. Behind the Tune (2020), originates from her wish to translate into an audiovisual artwork and share with others these auditory hallucinations, a process in which she has collaborated with artist Maria Komarova and Jan Ost from BRAI3N, Ghent, a multidisciplinary centre for brain research.

Dominik is interested in people, culture, place, and misplacement, with a focus on building personal relationships and living with rural and urban communities for extended periods of time. Over 20 years she worked and lived in Cameron, Guinee, Niger, the Philippines, and Belgium, raising the profile of rural and marginal communities through film, sound recordings, visual arts projects, and community-based projects such as the building of water wells in Niger, community health support in the Philippines, and social cohesion projects.

Maria Komarova is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice is situated on the borders of performing arts, scenography, sound, and installation art. She is interested in creating spatial settings that foster a sense of curiosity and attention towards the quotidian. By staging and technically repurposing commonplace objects, Komarova's works emphasise sonic and visual potential of the non-human world. Working with sound as a performative medium, she continuously develops DIY electro-acoustic objects and lets them temporarily inhabit the sites of performances and installations. Tinnere. Behind the Tune was co-produced by Overtoon, BRAI3N, and STUK.

Location: Amare Swing.

Friday - Saturday: 12:00 - 20:00

Sunday: 12:00 - 20:30

Proximity Music: Visceral Acts takes place from 7-9 April. Find out more here.