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Dhanveer Singh Brar

A lecturer in Black British History at the University of Leeds' School of History, Dhanveer Singh Brar probes the cultural subtext in contemporary Black music and has published in journals such as Social Text, Darkmatter and Cesura // Acceso. He is a member of the Le Mardi Gras Listening Collective. Last year, Brar published his first book, "Beefy’s Tune (Dean Blunt Edit)", an analysis of Dean Blunt's radical Babyfather album "BBF Hosted By DJ Escrow", unraveling its importance in the often misunderstood lineage of radical Black British art. This year, he's set to publish "Teklife, Ghettoville, Eski: The Sonic Ecologies of Black Music in the Early 21st Century", a book that makes the case for Black electronic music as the cutting-edge project of the diaspora, looking at footwork in Chicago, grime in East London and the explorative work of South London's Actress. Brar's talk at Rewire will take us on a walk through Wood Green Shopping Centre, London accompanied by Free.Yard's Regnorts (N22 Momentation Mix).