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Davide Tidoni


Proximity Music

Davide Tidoni is an artist and researcher working with sound and listening. His work often takes the form of sonic interventions in the built environment which address presence, perception, architectural acoustics and social dynamics. He is interested in the use of sound and music in counter-culture and political struggles and has published a sound-based field research on the italian ultras group Brescia 1911 (/The Sound of Normalisation/, 2018). For Proximity Music: Sensing After Thought he presents NEIDERLANT OU NEIDERLANT, a series of videos which are karaoke interpretations of Dutch songs, transcribed and sung by non native speakers according to the phonetics of their native tongue. Additionally, at unscheduled times, Davide Tidoni will perform Ultras Mashup, a series of performative interventions acting as intentional disturbances.

Proximity Music takes place from 8 - 10 April. Find out more here.