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Working across fashion, contemporary art, and music, Crystallmess – aka Christelle Oyiri – is a multidisciplinary and multi-talented force to be reckoned with. The French-born Ivoirian and Guadeloupean producer and DJ brings a thoughtful introspective edge to the club sound. She made her debut with the EP Mere Noises in 2018, which was full of choice sampling, touching melody, and regaling beats – its opening track title speaks to the buoyant relationship between liveliness and introspection that bursts in her music: “Just because it's a funeral doesn't mean we can't rave.” Since this lauded debut, she has gone on to release a split EP on label PAN with Toxe and has become an NTS resident with her show Unleashed. Always in a process of evolving and honing her distinct sound, Crystallmess’s uncompromising DJ sets promise an unpredictable array of genres and sounds, ranging from trap and techno to footwork, R&B, and Jersey club.

Sun 7 Apr