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Clara de Asís

Off Flame

Sensory Sensitive Concert

World premiere

Warping the spatiality of any room wherein they vibrate and move, the compositions of performer, composer, and artist Clara de Asís are a bounty of tonal subtlety and intrigue. Her works, which often use alternative forms of notation and experimental tunings, are the outcome of her dedicated research into the sonic areas of timbres and acoustics, and the ideological concerns of attention economies and the relationship between rationality versus intuition. She uses electronics and synthesis in combination with found objects and traditional instrumentation. For Off Flame, the ghostly nature of her reverberating minimal tonality finds an apt – and perhaps haunted – home in the concept of ignis fatuus: the fleeting ghostly light described by travellers of the night in European folklore. Taking inspiration from this indiscernible spectre, de Asís presents an inclusive sensory-sensitive performance where sound is given a similarly hazy, ambiguous quality. Accompanied by atmospheric lighting, this piece makes sound physical through its trembling journey into low frequency ranges. As a speculation on permanence and impermanence, Off Flame offers a low-stimulus space of soft dynamics and multisensory exploration where what is absent eerily speaks just as loudly as that which is there.

Commissioned by Rewire