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Church Andrews & Matt Davies

Channelling the rhythmically diverse MIDI experimentations of Mark Fell or Autechre and soaking them in bright synthesiser sound design, Church Andrews & Matt Davies have found a unique approach to their compositions and performances of electronic music, in which Andrews’s synth sounds and Davies’s drum performances act in response to one another. As heard on recent debut album Axis, the results are a series of sonic organisms – semi-mechanical ecosystems that click and whirr with subtle, shifting focuses. On a compositional level, the British duo often work with alternate tunings, employing just intonation or observed tunings derived from instruments and musical styles from all across the world. Heavily experimenting with time signatures and morphing temporals, their minimal sound palette feels rhythmically and aesthetically diverse. Even on stage, Andrews’s synth sounds will inform what Davies plays and vice versa, generating organic, exploratory, spontaneous, and incredibly fun electronic music.

Co-presented by Carhartt WIP

Sun 9 Apr