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Cheb Runner

Angry Immigrant

Producer Cheb Runner (real name Reda Senhaji) is a musical hurricane rooted in the Moroccan soil, exploring the West European electronic musical landscapes. Nurtured by both worlds, he represents a new sound of in-betweenness. Using first hand sounds and recordings of his own sample bank based on traditional instruments, he mixes playfully analog with digital effects supported with an unique collection of synthesizers. Cheb Runner started his career on the music scene flirting with different names, collectives and genres the last 10 years. Both as producer, composer and dj he is merging traditional and contemporary electronic sounds together moving from Moroccan chaabi, spiritual sounds to eclectic disco, deep techno and Dutch gabber. He is part of the (A)WAKE collective.

During this hour long live-set entitled 'Angry Immigrant' in the basement of the Grey Space in the Middle he will be supported by artist Salim Bayri (1992, Casablanca). Angry Immigrant is a musical tribute to 10 years of immigration in Brussels. Cheb Runner moved to Brussels in 2011. This musical hurricane combines his rich cultural heritage together with contemporary electronic sounds. As a polyglot, Bayri is able to enter many of the different rooms where diasporas gather: while making sand sculptures, hangs out in obsolete online chat rooms where strangeness, blasphemy, and pulling each other’s leg are common practice.