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Bitchin Bajas

Formed in 2011 by Cave-guitarist/organist Cooper Crain, Bitchin Bajas explores the hypnotic depths of musical loops, either short and concise or long-winding and elastic. The trio’s mantra-like approach to music results in hypnotic pieces that range from moody sound waves — eloping pads, shimmering strings and reverberated sounds — to tantalizing synthesizer arpeggios. Short or long, fast or slow; what matters in the music of Bitchin Bajas is finding a groove and allowing yourself to go deeper within it. On their latest album Switched On Ra, the trio consisting of Cooper Crain, Rob Frye and Daniel Quinlivan apply their looping ethos to the musical vision of one of their heroes, Sun Ra. Employing vintage synthesizers, drum computers and vocoders, Bitchin Bajas channels the cosmic jazz and far-out synth experimentation of the Afrofuturist icon and brings it to their own stratospheric levels.

Bitchin Bajas perform on Sunday 10 April.