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ft. Sweatmother

Live AV

Emerging from the UK as one of the most exciting and innovative new artists, producer aya – formerly known as LOFT — has found ways to contort her poetry, voice and production skills into freakishly beautiful electronic pieces. Fusing the growling low frequency ranges of dubstep, grime and drill with alienating sound design and hyper-personal lyrics, aya warps her club music inspirations into a nightmarish world of art and critique. 

She’ll perform her Hyperdub debut im hole on Rewire as a special A/V performance in collaboration with London-based artist and filmmaker Sweatmother. Just like in aya’s music, the video work of Sweatmother subverts hegemonic representations of voice, body, gender and gaze, carving out an artistic and demonstrative space where representation can be freed of objectification. They also made the music video for im hole single Emley lights us moor (feat Iceboy Violet).

aya performs on Friday 8 April.