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Aura Satz, Rhodri Davies & Julia Eckhardt

Éliane Radigue: Occam Delta XX

World premiere

Eliane Radigue is widely regarded as a highly innovative and influential contemporary composer, from her early electronic music through to her acoustic work of the last 15 years.​​ Radigue stopped producing electronic music in 2001 and started creating collaborative works with instrumentalists under the name Occam Ocean in 2011. The creative process relies almost solely on oral and aural transmission: musicians visit Radigue at her home, to devise their parts collaboratively. This personal and intimate approach to creating art is reflected in the prolific work of this singular composer, who, since 2001, has produced over 70 works ranging from solos and string quartets to works for orchestra. Radigue’s Occam Ocean works are characterised as rich and patient music with subtle drones and layered textures of acoustic instruments.

Expanding the cycle of Radigue’s Occam Ocean acoustic works, Occam Delta XX is a newly commissioned trio composition featuring Aura Satz (film), Rhodri Davies (harp), and Julia Eckhardt (viola). Rather than producing a film that documents the music and sits outside of it, the film participates in the logic of the score and is developed in an open weave with the musicians. Exploring a cinematic language that enacts the rippling effects of Radigue’s sound, the film diffracts musical gesture into acoustic moire.

Aura Satz, Rhodri Davies & Julia Eckhardts ‘Occam Delta XX’ is co-produced by Courtisane festival (Ghent).

Commissioned by Rewire

Fri 7 Apr
Amare - Conservatoriumzaal