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Astrid Sonne

Cycles of Lost and Found

Friday, 29 March
Lutherse Kerk

Astrid Sonne is the latest talent to emerge from Denmark’s flourishing experimental scene. A classically-trained musician turned electronic composer, she thrives on the glorious dissonance that comes from using viola and a chamber choir in the same breath as brain-scrambling noise and glitchy abstraction. Whether performed live or recorded – her critically-acclaimed debut ‘Human Lines’ is a breathtaking case in point – Sonne’s music is characterised by a delicate balance of contrasts. Navigating repetition and renewal, analogue and digital, Sonne crafts mesmerising worlds of sound that blend intense synth bass stabs and throbs with gripping melodies and lush, organic textures. At Rewire, Astrid Sonne presents the first performance of a new work entitled ‘Cycles of Lost and Found’ accompanied by the trio of Yanna Pelser (viola), George Dumitriu (viola) and Jan Willem Troost (cello).