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Arvid & Marie

The Full Body Smart Automatic Manipulator

Proximity Music

Arvid & Marie are an artist duo who’s work combines nature, technology and humour. With awareness that “we indeed do not understand the machines that we make” they have created performative installations in collaboration with pigs, robots, yeast and AliExpress. Under the guise of a retro futuristic musical duo they present themselves as  “We are Omninaut, how delightful can we be?”. Within Proximity Music: Sensing After Thought they exhibit The Full Body Smart Automatic Manipulator, a pseudo-living mechatronic massage chair who talks and offers robotic intimacy services to visitors. Arvid & Marie were residents at Jan Van Eyck Academy in Maastricht in 2020-2021. The Full Body Smart Automatic Manipulator was supported by a Research Fellowship at Chronos Art Center Lab in Shanghai.

Proximity Music takes place from 8 - 10 April. Find out more here.