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Archivo Auxiliar

Archivo Auxiliar is a Mexico City-based collective developing a digital archive documenting the history of electronic music and its social production within a regional context. They are a team of five - Frankie, is a translator and DJ, Ramon works in marketing and is a producer, and Gabo is a musician and DJ and together they produce an influential roving rave in Mexico City, called EXT. Alicja holds a Masters in Architecture, and is an amateur expert on electronic music. Ayesha studied anthropology, holds a Masters in Architecture, and works in applied architectural research. Spanning professions and origins, their diversity contributes to varied perspectives and skillsets. They believe that elevating a regional history is empowering and it is critical to understand changes and opportunities presented in a covid-19 context.

 In 2021 AAUX began a new project called Cyberstreams with the support of the 'For the Record' research residency from Het Nieuwe Instituut and the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. Cyberstreams is studying spatial, social, and sound production in streaming events in the covid-19 restricted world. Live events have been translated into cyberstreams, bounding what was once collective events by the frame of screens and cameras. From video live streams to VR events - cyberstreams have created new arenas for design, identity presentation, and consumption. Using case studies and interviews, they hope to understand some of these new typologies and experimental performativities.