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Alto Arc

World premiere

Perhaps it’s an unlikely formation on paper, but experiencing the audiovisual output of Alto Arc makes total sense. This supergroup, consisting of Deafheaven frontman George Clarke, maverick pop producer Danny L Harle, Trayer Tryon from Hundred Waters, and make-up artist Isamaya Ffrench, is a match made in heaven – or in hell. Alto Arc’s eponymous 2022 release is highly stylized, maximalist, spellbinding music that verges on the grotesque, the sublime, and the macabre. The ethereal vocals of Ffrench and the warped grunts of Clarke underline the clash between light and darkness that underpins Alto Arc (2022). Harle’s and Tryon’s production can be equal parts beautiful and menacing, with fantastic synth progressions overtaken by crashes of noise and bursts of thrumming percussion. The group finds common inspiration across opera, metal, and deconstructed club. Created during the pandemic, the artists were never able to physically meet and work together in person, instead sending files and stems back and forth. Rewire has commissioned them to perform together for the first time, translating the maximalist style of their release into a bewitching and entrancing live show. 

Commissioned by Rewire

Sat 8 Apr