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Aleksandra Słyż

A Vibrant Touch

Aleksandra Słyż is a Polish composer, sound artist and sound engineer, currently living between Poznań and Stockholm. On her second full-length album A Vibrant Touch (2022), Słyż tackles sound as a physical phenomenon, as well as the very bodily sensations caused thereby. The work identifies and explores the connections between acoustic and synthetic sounds, intertwining them into plentiful and slowly, yet intensively pulsating drone structures which resonate within the space they fill up. The sound locomotes and flows in form of ruthless energy tides, it vibrates generating nearly electrical tensions, immersing the listener and letting them experience the sound in its pure, physical shape. During Rewire 2023, Słyż and the quartet of musicians – Kosma Műller, Kamil Babka, Anna Szmatoła and Gerard Lebik – playing violin, viola, cello and alto saxophone respectively, will perform the music of A Vibrant Touch in a live setting. The brilliantly executed dynamic between the various instruments and their respective sound qualities, result in striking, near- hypnotic microtonal explorations that underpin the compositional sensibilities and musical prowess of Słyż.

Sat 8 Apr
Nieuwe Kerk