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Combining experimental, club, and ambient, ABADIR fuses disparate sonic influences into spirited electronic music that skews categorisation but leans towards intense dance floor workouts. By blending the syncopated rhythms of drum and bass, jungle, footwork, and juke with traces of Arabic vocals and percussion, ABADIR creates original club cuts that feel truly global. There’s no better example of this than his recent album Mutate (2022) on Shanghai-based label SVBKVLT, which delivers a true tour de force of intense rave blends. 

Joined on stage by the multi-faceted Turkish musician HOGIR, ABADIR further explores the rhythmic dynamics of his captivating music. HOGIR is a highly versatile percussionist who is comfortable in any genre of music. While performing with one of his instruments – including the Erbane, Def, Davul, Darbuka, and Bendir – he finds influences in Middle Eastern, Indian, Japanese, Kurdish, and European cultures. Collaborative by nature, HOGIR seeks to create a form of “Synthesis” music: dynamic, spontaneous, playful, and powerful. Joining forces on stage, the two musicians give a new live dimension to the engrossing songs of ABADIR.

Co-presented by Carhartt WIP

Fri 7 Apr